December 10, 2023

Eagles lose their 3rd straight as they fall 23-17 to Seattle


What were we expecting? The Philadelphia Eagles lose their third-straight game as they fall to the Seattle Seahawks 23-17. Another bad game by Doug Pederson, Carson Wentz, and the offense. But (yes there’s a but) the defense was really good! We’re gonna be discussing this awful loss from the Eagles.

I want to start with what happened in the pregame. A report came out after the game that Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz apparently said something to Seahawks WR DK Metcalf. Metcalf in his postgame interview said Jim Schwartz said to him that he was with Megatron in Detroit, and that he is not there yet. Metcalf says he took that personally. In Jim Schwartz’s press conference he was asked about what he said. Jim Schwartz says he complimented DK before the game, told him he’s got tons of respect for him & he was with Calvin in Detroit & he’s the closest thing to Megatron he’s seen. Jim told him after the game, “you may not be Calvin yet but you’re on your way.” He says he was complimenting Metcalf both times. This is kinda interesting. 

Now I want to go to Doug Pederson. There were some bad play calls again Monday night from Pederson, but there was one that really stood out to me. It’s the 4th quarter, the Eagles are down 20-9, it’s 4th and 4 and you’re on the Seahawks 15 yard line. Doug Pederson decides to not take the points, but go for it! Which is the absolute wrong decision. In the play, Wentz took the snap, and threw to absolutely no one. He tries to find Dallas Goedert but I don’t even know what happened. It looks like miscommunication if nothing else. This was Goedert after the game on the play, “Carson thought I was going to be going down and away and threw it there. I should have been where he thought I was going to be. I’ll take blame for that one. Obviously it was a crucial point in the game and mistakes like that cant happen.” Overall, there were a lot of bad play calls, but this was the worst of them all. Pederson talked after the game about not going for the field goal, he said that they have to stay aggressive. If you want to be aggressive, do it later KICK A FLIPPING FIELD GOAL!

Now onto the offense. Wentz, again, was awful. Here’s his statline: 25-45, 215 yards, 2 touchdown, and 1 interception. These stats may look good, but if you were to go back and watch the game, not everything is on a stat sheet. The two touchdowns the Eagles scored were by tight end Dallas Goedert and fellow tight end Richard Rodgers. Goedert’s TD came in the second quarter, a three yard pass from Wentz. Kicker Jake Elliot missed the extra point. Elliot has been very inconsistent this season. The last couple years he’s been great. Now he’s awful. Classic Philadelphia style. Rodgers’ TD came at the end of the fourth quarter, Wentz threw the ball up, Fulgham dropped it and Rodgers, who was on the ground, caught it with one hand, and it was unreal! The game was already out of reach at that point, but it was still a cool play. The Eagles completely abandoned Travis Fulgham and the run again Monday night. Another bad night from the offense. Carson Wentz is the first NFL QB in 36 years with at least this many interceptions and sacks in first 11 games, 15 interceptions and 46 sacks. And I guess the whole Jaen Hurts is gonna play more thing was one big lie. Here’s two tweets from the postgame by Ian Rapoport and Brian Baldinger.

One bright spot for the Eagles is the defense. The defense was great. In the beginning of the game the defense had a fourth-down stop on the goal line to stop the mighty Seahawks offense from scoring. The very next drive, the defense again stopped the Seahawks on fourth-down. Darius Slay did an alright job guarding Metcalf, Fletcher Cox had a huge sack. And the Eagles did well on D. But oh my goodness Alex Singleton had himself a game with five tackles. To hold Russel Wilson and the Seahawks defense to 23 points is pretty impressive.

The Eagles are 3-7-1, and we got the Green Bay Packers up next, great.

Eagles snap totals:

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