Welp, we just got some big news a few hours before game time. It looks like Lurie is done with Wentz. Per Geoff Mosher, Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie has given Eagles head coach Doug Pederson directive play Jalen Hurts if Carson Wentz is struggling on Monday night against the Seattle Seahawks. 

If you remember earlier this week, there was an ESPN report that Jalen Hurts has been getting first-team reps at practise, did Lurie tell Pederson to do that? So many questions start to jump up after this report. Jalen Hurts will be getting an increased role in Monday nights game plan. Did Lurie tell Pederson to do that too? There are many questions about Doug Pederson.

Jeffery Lurie is reportedly very frustrated with this Eagles team and Wentz. Lurie obviously wants to see some changes.

This report, for me, has a lot of pressure on Doug Pederson. Do you think Pederson wouldn’t have done anything if Lurie didn’t say anything? This says a lot about Pederson. 

This report does NOT show that Wentz has been benched. He’s expected to start at quarterback (and I don’t think that is changing)

This is a move that needs to be made, and Eagles fans are very happy that Lurie spoke up and said something.

Now Doug Pederson. If Wentz isn’t doing good, take him out, or else I think you might know what’ll happen.