June 5, 2023

Doug Pederson says giving up playcalling is “on the table”


The Philadelphia Eagles hired former backup quarterback Doug Pederson to be their new head coach back in 2016. He’s been calling the offensive plays since he was hired. But in Tuesday afternoon’s press conference he said he “definitely would consider” giving up play-calling if he gets stuck or in a rut. He also said giving up play-calling is on the table.

The play calling on offense this season for the Eagles has been horrific. The Eagles in Week 12 on Monday night didn’t get a first-down until the second-quarter. Monday night was not a good night for Pederson.

So you might be asking yourself, will this happen? I don’t know. As Pederson said, it’s “on the table”. So who knows if it’ll happen. But keep alert if the Eagles start looking for an offensive coordinator. As you might remember, before the season the Eagles hired a quarterback coach, a wide receiver coach, a running back coach, etc. instead of an offensive coordinator. So Pederson is pretty much in control of the offense. 

The Eagles have lot three-straight games, they’ve scored 51 points in those three games, and not all of it is on the quarterback Carson Wentz. I think it might be time for a change in that locker room, and for this offense.

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