October 2, 2023

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Jalen Hurts has been very criticized throughout the season to say the least. While it’s true that he has been far from perfect, it isn’t fair to say he’s been horrible.

Hurts has been getting hate from Eagles fans since the beginning of the season. The big argument against him is his arm. Hurts has missed some very easy throws this season and I will not deny that. Although, he has made some very impressive plays.

The other argument against Hurts is his awareness. While he’s missed throws, he has also flat out not seen wide-open receivers.

The good thing about these flaws is that they are all fixable.

While he is known for his legs, Hurts does have a pretty strong arm. He has a lot of time to progress and I am fully confident in saying that he can and will improve.

With all of the hate he is getting for his passing, there is not enough love for his legs. Hurts has been one of the best quarterbacks this season while under pressure. His ability to escape the pocket and look for an option has been great thus far.

In last Sunday’s loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, Hurts came up with two big plays using his legs on third down in a drive that eventually led to a crucial touchdown. So far into the season, Hurts has 494 rushing yards and five rushing touchdowns.

While Jalen Hurts lacks in passing, he very nearly makes up for it with his run game. 

Some interesting stats for you: Hurts is seventh in the NFL in total yards, sixth in the NFL in red zone passer rating, the only player in the NFL with 2,250 total yards and five or less turnovers, and he has 14 touchdowns in the red zone, and zero turnovers. 

While the stats may be a little deceiving, they have to impress you on some level. Hurts clearly hasn’t been the worst quarterback in the NFL. For the Eagles fans saying that they should’ve kept Carson Wentz, the relationship was ruined and the Eagles have a young quarterback who could have a bright future. His leadership continues to impress everyone including myself. No quarterback that the Eagles would draft will have the same character as Hurts. 

I still firmly believe in Hurts and his ability to lead this team. This team has a bright future and a lot of young players that seem promising. In my personal opinion the Eagles would be better off letting the team grow together.

Jalen Hurts is my QB1.

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