October 2, 2023

Tobias Harris had some comment’s on J.J. Redick’s podcast that could hint at a trade


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The Philadelphia 76ers are looking at all possible upgrades ahead of Thursday’s NBA trade deadline as they continue their push for a championship run.

The headlines are right now on names like Kyle Lowry, Lonzo Ball, and Norman Powell, who are all excellent players for Sixers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey, but what if there’s a familiar name who could be of help?

Tobias Harris joined JJ Redick’s “Old Man and the Three” podcast on Wednesday morning to talk about Harris’s All-Star-worthy season, his fit with Doc Rivers, his approach to life at large, and more.

But one moment early in the podcast caught basketball fans’ ears, especially for Sixers fans. Here’s how the exchange began:

“REDICK: Originally I’d asked Tobias about three or four weeks ago to come on the podcast, to bless us with his presence, and his initial response was…

“HARRIS: I told JJ, I’ll go on the podcast when you’re my teammate again.”

Redick then explained that he got Harris to come on the podcast while still playing for different teams with a fancy bottle of wine, which was followed by this eyebrow-raising exchange:

“REDICK: Have you opened the bottle yet? 

“HARRIS: No I have not, it’s actually right in here. It’ll be opened, tomorrow.

“REDICK: Save it for me. 

“HARRIS: I was gonna say – [laughs] alright.”

Obviously nothing is for certain, but it sounds like Harris and Redick might be hinting at a possible reunion in Philly.

You would have to think that it’s at least possible that they both know discussions are going on. Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer suggested Tuesday that Redick could receive a buyout from the Pelicans, in which case the Sixers could try to grab the veteran sharpshooter as he chases his first title with guys he liked playing with just a couple years ago.

Redick is shooting a career-worst 36.4% from beyond the arch, but he’s still one of the most productive shooters in league history, and his chemistry with Joel Embiid from 2017 to 2019 was great. And with the rest of the team fleshed out with guys like Matisse Thybulle and even Shake Milton, Redick won’t be asked to do too much on the defensive end in the postseason, which is his biggest struggle.

This probably depends on what else Morey does at the deadline. If he can add Lowry, Powell, Ball, or even George Hill (four guys who either have long histories of shooting or are having great 2021 shooting seasons) then the addition of Redick feels less necessary. If teams like the Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, and the Miami Heat dominate the trade/buyout market? Sure, go get Redick, why not.

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