December 10, 2023

Doc Rivers jokingly yells at reporter for his Zoom background


Photo by Jason Getz/USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers nearly blew a 29-point lead against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night, barely holding on for a 118-113 win, so you might’ve expected head coach Doc Rivers to be light on the jokes during his post-game press conference. Well, if you thought that, you were wrong.

Late in his Zoom conference call with reporters after the win, Jackson Frank, a basketball reporter who writes for UPROXX, FanSided, and Liberty Ballers, was called on to ask Rivers a question, but was interrupted halfway through by Rivers:

Here’s a look at Frank’s background, for reference:

Dang, Doc Rivers from the top rope!

Now I will say, there have been worse Zoom backgrounds, Doc! It’s a global pandemic. We’re all doing our best out here, my man. I’m usually on the couch while I watch the Sixers games. We’re all living a makeshift lifestyle right now.

Frank, who earlier this year earned a compliment from Rivers on a t-shirt, took it all in stride and jumped in on the joke:

This whole interaction is so good and fun. This is probably the best part about Zoom press conferences.

Here’s hoping Rivers has plenty of reasons to keep ripping off jokes as the Sixers try to maintain their number one spot in the East.

Now, for Jackson, get outta bed!

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