October 4, 2023
Kate Frese/phillyvoice.com

On December 20, the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Arizona Cardinals 33-26. The Eagles played one of their best games all season last week but just came up short on the very last play. Rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts really showed what he can really do as he had the game of a lifetime. Everything went pretty well as they lost to a huge stop on the very last play by the Cardinals defense.

Now, it’s week 16 and the Eagles are heading to Dallas to play number one rival Cowboys. The Cowboys, like the NFC East, are not a very good football team. That’s really the best thing I can say about them. The Cowboys are a mediocre team that finds themselves being in second place in an awful decision, also known as the NFC East. 

The last time the Eagles played the Cowboys was back in week eight. Carson Wentz was the Eagles starting quarterback. Ben DiNucci was the starting quarterback for Cowboys due to now starting quarterback Andy Dalton’s injury. So, a lot has changed since then. The Eagles won 23-9, but it was one of the worst games Wentz has had in his career. Went had two costley fumbles because he held onto the ball for too long, and he had some interceptions due to some hero balls and bad passes. Not a good night. The defense was well as DiNucci was making his first career start as he looked like he was completely out of place. 

It wasn’t a good look for the Birds. Even though it was a win, it looked more like a loss. Now the Eagles have a new starting quarterback in rookie Jalen Hurts, who told fans last week that he can really play, there’s a new spark of light in the Eagles locker room. The Cowboys now have Andy Dalton to face off against the Eagles, which he isn’t the greatest either. Let’s hope the Eagles defense takes notes to this.

If the Eagles want to win this game, they have to play well. They need to make sure running back Ezekial Elliot keeps playing how he’s been playing all season, make sure to put pressure on Dalton, and the secondary has to guard wide receivers Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb, and Michael Gallop very well. 

On offense, if Hurts can do what he’s done the last two weeks, the Eagles will put up some points. The Cowboys defense isn’t particularly good. The offense just has to score quickly and efficiently. That’s all it’ll take. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but score quickly, and then hope the defense does well. If the defense struggles, go ultra mode on offense. 

It was hard to write this blog, because these are two pretty awful teams, but this is a huge game for the Eagles. It’s another late season matchup between the Birds and the Boys as this time they are both fighting for the playoffs. This what’ll have happen if the Eagles don’t want to make the playoffs:

Must lose to Dallas

Or Washington must beat Carolina

If the Eagles win, Washington has to lose. Then it’ll come down to the week 17 matchup once again, this time they’ll play Washington at home. 

Those are the scenarios. 

Now for my prediction. I think the Eagles are the better team, and they are going to win. The Eagles will keep their playoff dreams alive as they will win by a score of 27-24. It’ll be a close one but the Eagles will pull it out, I hope. I will be covering the Eagles-Cowboys game on my Twitter feed (@PhlySprtsReprts) and on my Instagram story (@phillysportsreports_) through the entirety of Sunday’s game. It will come from an Eagles fan perspective. Go Birds!

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