October 2, 2023

Sports Radio 94.1 WIP’s Ike Reese Has Tested Positive For COVID-19


48 year-old NFC Champion Ike Reese put out a statement today on Twitter that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Ike Reese is a former linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles who was with the team from 1998-2004. He made the Pro Bowl in 2004. He then went to the Atlanta Falcons for two years as he retired as an Eagle in 2006.

Ike Reese, for a 48 year-old, appears to be in tremendous shape, and should be fine. If 69 year-old Howard “The King” Eskin, who tested positive for COVID in late October, came back to the studio about 48 hours later. Ike Reese should be fine.

Ike Reese will be recording the Jon Marks and Ike Reese show from his home.

Feel better Ike!

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