December 9, 2023

If the 76ers make it far in the playoffs, does Doc Rivers still get the boot?


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s looking like the 76ers will make their way past the first round. However, if the 76ers make it to the Eastern Conference Finals or even the NBA Finals, do the Sixers still fire head coach Doc Rivers? We have already seen the Los Angeles Lakers fire head coach Frank Vogel after he failed to make the playoffs with a stacked team, and they’re the front runners for a possible Rivers hire.

It is clear that the Sixers can not hold a lead to save their life. They get a lead then can’t close. They should have been the 2nd or 3rd seed in the playoffs this season, but lost key games throughout the season. Games that a better coach could have possibly won. 

A huge reason he could be fired is the future. I don’t know if the front office really wants Doc Rivers to be the one that develops Tyrese Maxey. He will definitely be the future of the Sixers, and he may need a better coach for that. 

The 76ers should use James Harden to his fullest while he is here. Let’s face it, James Harden is aging. He will not be in the NBA forever. The Sixers need someone that can take a team far. Doc Rivers is most likely not that guy. He has not been known as a coach that can take a team above and beyond.

Going back to the topic of the future, the Sixers traded away 2 of their future first round picks. They are clearly in win-now mode. If they don’t win now, there is a chance that they crash into the ground.

Finally, there are the fans of Philadelphia. The fans don’t want Rivers to stay here. Historically, when the fans of Philly want someone gone, they’re gone. Take the last 23 years of Eagles football for example, the chants and riots got the best of the owners, and Andy Reid, Chip Kelly, and Doug Pederson were fired.

In conclusion, I believe that Doc Rivers will not be the 76ers’ coach for the long run. Be it this year or maybe next year, I think that he will get the boot.

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