October 4, 2023

76ers Vs. Raptors: Games 1 & 2 Recap


Yong Kim/Philadelphia Inquirer

Through two playoff games thus far, the Sixers have seemed to find their rhythm at just the right time. The 76ers took a 2-0 playoff lead over the Raptors on Monday night. The Sixers have now outscored the Raptors by a total of 35 points over just two games, and they have proven their dominance. So far, everything that could go right for the Sixers has. 

Tyrese Maxey has put on an absolute show so far. Through two games, he is averaging a team-best 30.5 PPG. He has also proven his importance on the defensive end as he’s had Fred VanVleet on locks. It is amazing for Sixers fans to see our young guard thriving in the playoffs and stepping up when it matters. By now, it’s safe to say that we’re much better off with Maxey rather than Simmons. 

Embiid has continued to prove his dominance, but more so in game two than game one. In the second game of the series, he dropped 31 points and 11 rebounds. He made nine of his sixteen field goal attempts. To no Sixers fans’ surprise, Embiid has continued to get the same whistle that he got in the regular season. Nick Nurse has been complaining about these calls over the course of both games. Embiid not so kindly told him to stop complaining. What is the irony? The fouls are legit! The Raptors have a short lineup, and there isn’t a single player that can guard Embiid without fouling him. It is clear that Embiid has taken advantage of that. 

The surrounding cast has been very solid thus far which is exactly what the Sixers needed. Tobias Harris has beautifully stepped into his new role and has been striving in it. Danny Green has been great so far, and he even got himself a poster dunk last night. Yes, you read that right. Danny Green got a Poster Dunk. Right now, the vibes are immaculate in Philly. 

Surprisingly, Doc Rivers has been very solid so far. Even if it’s just two games, Doc Rivers has outcoached Nick Nurse. If he can keep this up, the Sixers might be legitimate contenders. Granted they still have to make it out of the first round, it’s looking very likely that it will happen. For now, let’s enjoy the couple of wins that we’ve gotten to see so far, and go Sixers!

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