December 3, 2023

Takeaways from Kyle Schwarber’s introductory press conference in Clearwater


Photo by Philadelphia Phillies via Twitter

Earlier this morning, the Phillies held a press conference to officially announce the signing of star outfielder Kyle Schwarber. Dave Dombrowski, Phillies president of baseball operations, introduced Schwarber alongside manager Joe Girardi.

As usual, Schwarber was presented his regular-season jersey and cap.

Schwarber mentioned that he likes playing for winning teams, as I am sure most ballplayers do. He has only missed the playoffs one time in his career.

“This is a true honor. I am excited to help bring a World Series back to Philly… It’s an exciting group of players and an exciting group of men,” Schwarber said to begin his press conference. “I’m really looking forward to being a Phillie.”

Funnily enough, Schwarber and his wife welcomed a baby boy into the world just one hour after the terms of his new contract were set in stone.

Schwarber is coming off a phenomenal 2021 season where he tied the record for the all-time home run streak, where he mashed twelve dingers in ten games.

Many people are trying to create a potential Opening Day lineup that includes all of the Phils sluggers. So many theories have gone around. Some people want to see newly-acquired Nick Castellanos in front of Bryce Harper, and others want to see Harper in front of Castellanos. Other speculated lineups have Jean Segura leading off, J.T. Realmuto cleaning up, and Bryce Harper in the two-hole.

Although, most people are looking to slate Schwarber in the leadoff spot. Despite this, Dave Dombrowski described his expectations for him as “a force in the middle of the lineup—or wherever Joe decides to hit him.”

While it is hard to tell if Dombrowski has intel or a say on the Phillies Opening Day lineup, he could still hit somewhere in the middle of the order.

When he was asked about the potential of leading off for the Phillies, he acknowledged that he struggled in the leadoff role in Chicago. When he was put back in that spot in 2021, “[He] just made it my own. [He] stopped thinking as it as a label. It’s just a position to hit.”

With this said, it appears that he is more than willing to lead off for the Phillies in 2022. Although, this is expected since he hit in that spot during his homerun streak in Washington. Schwarber also said that he “takes pride” in playing the field, but is okay with being the DH.

Schwarber and Castellanos played together when the Cubs traded for Castellanos before the trade deadline in 2019.

“[I was] very excited… When you can add a player of his caliber into a lineup, it’s only going to make you better. This guy goes about his business the right way. [He] wants to go out there to win. He wants to be the best out of himself… He’s gonna be a really good key piece to this team,” said Schwarber in response to the reported Castellanos signing.

Nicholas Castellanos’ press conference should take place once his physical is completed and the deal is confirmed. More is to come on that matter.

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