December 10, 2023

The pros & cons of 76ers preseason game 1

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The Philadelphia 76ers have beaten the Boston Celtics in their first preseason game 108-99.

Obviously, this is a new Sixers team as they have a new head coach, president, players, and much more. They were a little rusty. But the 76ers did some great stuff on Tuesday night in the Wells Fargo Center as they played in front of covers that covered the first level of the seats. What I want to do here as I sit in bed on a Tuesday night. I want to go over the pros and cons of this game. What was good, and what was bad. So let’s get started, shall we?


  1. 108 Points: This is a brand new team with very little chemistry and just put up 108 points against a very good team in Boston. This team has potential. Especially with new draft picks Tyrese Maxey and others. It was a very good team performance and lets hope they keep it up during the regular season.
  2. Using Your Brain: Unlike last year, the 76ers are using their brains. It seems Doc Rivers has made some plays that Brett Brown wouldn’t run. The 76ers never pick-and-rolled last year, they never did anything that you should do -can you tell I hated the Sixers team last year?). Tuesday night the Sixers pulled off some nice looking pick-and-rolls and some other plays, and they worked! This is very much a good sign for the season ahead.
  3. Shake Milton and Joel Embiid: I’m going to combine these two together. Milton and Embiid were both very strong Tuesday night and both put up some big number points for a preseason game. Milton scored 19 points coming off the bench. While starting center Embiid scored 18 solid points as he scored 14 of those points in the first 11 minutes of the game. A strong night by the two stars.
  4. The Newcomers: The three big stars the Sixers signed over the offseason, that being Danny Green, Seth Curry, and Dwight Howard, all had good nights as they scored a combined 15 points. That may not seem like a high number, but it’s a good number for the preseason. Curry made some nice threes, Howard had a big two-hand slam, and Green did his job. Overall good night for the boys.
  5. Tyrese Maxey: The 76ers round one draft pick had a great night as he didn’t come in until the fourth-quarter. The kid was everywhere as he went from post-to-post. Maxey was fast, quick, and intelligent on the court. This is what you want from a future young star. Maxey ended up putting 8 points on the board all in one quarter. Great night from Maxey. Let’s hope we get to see him more in the future!


  1. 3 point shooting: The Sixers were awful beyond the arch. They ended up being 7/29. This is an awful number. If you do the math, they had a 29% 3 point ratio. This is not what you want to see from a team. It’s obviously the preseason. Let’s hope they get that fixed.

That’s the only negative I could find. It was an overall good night from the Sixers! Their next preseason game is on Friday at 6:00 PM EST in Indiana against the Pacers.

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