June 5, 2023

The Philadelphia Eagles have waived safety Will Parks. The Philadelphia native tweeted this out after hearing the news.

The Eagles reportedly were trying to trade Parks prior to the trade deadline. So this news is especially expected, but it was slightly unexpected. 

It seems like Will Parks was not happy with his playing time. The Eagles signed him to be a significant role in the defense by being the third safety. Parks came into the season with a hamstring injury, this may have caused his lack of play time. He didn’t start his season until week 6. Here’s a look at his defensive snap counts per game:

Week 6 — 39 (53%)

Week 7 — 17 (28%)

Week 8 — 28 (35%)

Week 9 — BYE

Week 10 — 6 (8%)

Week 11 — 14 (21%)

Week 12 — 10 (15%)

So as you can see, his playing time was very limited. 

It seemed like Parks was very excited to be in Philly because he was born here. Sucks to see that he joined, played six games with limited time, then got waved. 

I wish the best of luck to Parks down the road.

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