December 2, 2023

Kelly Green Is Back — Dolphins at Eagles Sunday Night Football Preview


Photo by Drew Hallowell/PhiladelphiaEagles

After a frustrating loss to the Jets in week 6, the Eagles will look to bounce back in prime time against the 5-1 Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins will be the biggest test the Eagles have faced all season, but it could be a very special night in South Philadelphia.

Kelly Green Is Back!

After years of asking for a rule change to allow teams to wear multiple helmets, the Eagles will finally bring back their beloved Kelly Green uniforms. The Kelly Green jerseys took the Eagles nation by storm when they released them this summer, with some fans even tailgating the release. I personally would love it if the Eagles made them their primary uniforms again. But nonetheless, It will be awesome to see all of the vintage signage and logos all over the stadium, and hopefully, the jerseys will bring the Eagles some good luck. At the very least, they will look good.

Slowing Down Tyreek Hill

The biggest question in this game is how will the Eagles slow down Tyreek Hill. Hill is currently leading the NFL in receiving yards with 814. The next closest is A.J. Brown with 672. Hill is probably the fastest player in the NFL and is a threat to take any catch in for a touchdown. The key to slowing Hill down is to keep him in front of you. With his speed, I am not sure if the Eagles will have Darius Slay shadow him or not, but they will definitely keep a safety over top for help at all times.

The most effective way to slow down this Dolphins offense will be to get to the Quarterback. The Dolphins are the number 1 team in the NFL in time to throw, and Tua Tagovailoa has only been sacked 6 times this season. The Dolphins have done a great job of protecting Tua, but if the Eagles want to slow down this high-powered offense they will have to get to him. The Eagles defense has done a good job so far this season, but this is by far their biggest test.

Key Players Off The Injury Report

The Eagles got some great news when Friday’s injury report came out as Devonta Smith, Lane Johnson, Darius Slay, and Jalen Carter will all be active for tonight’s game. We all saw last week how much the offense struggled when Johnson went out, so having him back will be massive. The Dolphins have a good defensive line, so hopefully he will still be playing up to his standard.

The Eagles also elevated new acquisition Julio Jones from the practice squad. The future Hall of Fame receiver was signed earlier this week, and he will see some action tonight. It will be interesting to see how the Eagles will use Jones, and how many snaps he will get. Hopefully, he can help out with the Eagles red zone struggles.

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