October 4, 2023

They never learn — 49ers fans to dress up Rocky Statue


Photo via ESPN

It is honestly embarrassing at this point. These people just do not learn.

Let us flashback to 2018 when the Eagles hosted the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game.

Remember what happened the next day?


Beer bottles were thrown at the Vikings’ bus.

Now, five years later, the San Francisco 49ers are throwing their own version of the party.

At 4:00 pm in Philadelphia, 49ers fans are putting “the gold jacket” on Rocky and taking a picture with it. This comes right after they have a four-hour party at Xfinity Live.

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This is not the first time 49ers fans are doing this either.

As a matter of fact, they actually did it earlier this week at night time.

49ers fans were too scared that someone would be around, so it looks like they had to throw the shirt on when it was dark out. Cowards.

It is ironic at this point that every time an opposing team’s fans come into Philadelphia and they dress up Rocky, they get harassed by Eagles fans at the game. I mean, they are asking for it at this point.

Eagles fans have a reputation for being mean and throwing stuff at other fans. Well, when you disrespect the signal of the city in Rocky, you are asking for it.

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