December 9, 2023

Giants fans reserve tailgate inside Xfinity Live, fans rampage


Photo courtesy of Xfinity Live.

We are nearly 48 hours out of the Eagles taking on the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field in the NFC Divisional Round, and hectic has already begun across the street.

Xfinity Live, a popular dining and entertainment district right in the center of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, has allowed “Big Blue Travel,” a Giants road trip group, put together a package for Saturday night that includes an “indoor tailgate party extravaganza.”

“Big Blue Travel’s” flyer for the event

This seems like a violation. Also, “Big Blue Travel” is a pretty crappy name.

It’s one thing for a few, even one Giants fan to stroll into Xfinity Live and participate in the festivities, but a four-hour open bar and indoor tailgate is insane.

Should “Big Blue Travel” have been rejected?

Would Xfinity Live allow a Cowboy fan event?

It is a shame on Xfinity Live for allowing this to happen. They are letting scumbag Giants fans come into a very big spot for Eagles to watch these games and party before and after.

Of course, Eagles fans, including myself, are infuriated with this. However, one particular Eagles fan, dove right into this situation revealing much, much more.

Eric Emanuele, better known as EROCK, got into it with Xfinity Live’s Twitter account over this whole situation. This turned into a, we will say, not-so-lovely exchange.

Aren’t you associated with a travel group that goes to other cities when Philly teams are on the road??? 🤔

Xfinity Live! (@XfinityLive on Twitter)

YES absolutely! We invade cities that really aren’t known to be football towns and buy up group packages of tickets because they’re hurting for ticket sales. But this is philly. Never thought youd be hurting for group sales, but 🤷‍♂️

EROCK (@EROCK_Eagles on Twitter)

Chicago, Detroit, Arizona, Dallas… not football towns?

Xfinity Live! (@XfinityLive on Twitter)

Listen…I get it. You’re upset. But I’m not the guy you should be chirping at. Let me ask you, do all your DJs still have to submit their play lists at the end of the night to management to make sure they’re not “pandering to the wrong crowd”?

EROCK (@EROCK_Eagles on Twitter)

We weren’t going to mention you used to work here but you got fired 😬

Xfinity Live! (@XfinityLive on Twitter)

Xfinity Live’s Twitter admin made a huge mistake here, leading to EROCK dropping an absolute bombshell.

Yes. For calling out the guy who ran the place for being racist… because he didn’t want black people in the place and we were instructed to play “their kinda music”. Ya want to keep going or cool it?

EROCK (@EROCK_Eagles on Twitter)

That escalated nice and quick.

For the record, the three-big Eagles fan trip groups Phans of Philly/Green Legion/Philly Sports Trips all run events in opposing cities. There is a difference as they do not get a party at the heart of the sports district that is directly across the street from the stadium like Xfinity Live is.

Display of how close Xfinity Live is to Lincoln Financial Field via Google Maps

For me, it is very off that one of the Eagles’ biggest rival’s fans gets to tailgate at Xfinity Live before a playoff game, when the place should, and always is before any game, packed with Eagles fans.

This isn’t week three against a crappy team, we are talking about a playoff game against the New York Giants. Get these Giants fans out of here. This is soft by Xfinity Live.

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