September 21, 2023

Is it Time for the Sixers to Get Nervous?


AP Photo/Nick Wass

The Philadelphia 76ers have four remaining games in the regular season. With the playoffs suddenly approaching, is it time to panic with the team’s recent schedules? 

The Sixers have lost to the Pistons, Bucks, and Suns all in their last 5 games. Maintaining leads has continued to be a struggle for Doc Rivers and the Sixers. The Sixers got a dominant win against the Hornets as they won by 30. However, they had blown multiple 15 point leads in previous games. Doc Rivers will need to get his crap together if he wants to compete in the playoffs.

James Harden has struggled as of late but is seeming to pick it up a little. His lack of shooting and scoring has been well made up for with his passing. Many have been quick to panic with his struggles but it still seems to early to tell. It will really only be important how he performs in the playoffs. Until then, Sixers fans should stay calm and withhold their panic. 

Joel Embiid has been ever-so dominant in these last 5 games but it hasn’t amounted to much success. The surrounding team has to do a better job not only for the organization or the fans, but for Embiid. He has given it his all and has averaged over 35 and 15 over the last 5 games. Joel Embiid just needs to score 35 points against the Pacers to re-take the scoring title over Lebron. This could be huge in his case for the MVP award which he believes he won’t get. Embiid made a statement that no matter what he does, he’ll feel like the fans will hate him. He made it very clear that he thinks there’s an agenda against Philadelphia. This, to many fans was viewed as very accurate. But with this support came backlash from other fans across the NBA. If Embiid continues this type of play through the playoffs, the Sixers surrounding core has to be better. 

The Sixers bench has been god awful since the All-Star break. In fact, they’ve been dead last in PPG averaging just 24.4 since the break. Again, they will need to do much better if the SIxers hope to make a deep run in the playoffs. The only player that seems somewhat playable in the playoffs is Niang. As fans let’s pray that the others step up in time for the playoffs. 

As of now, I don’t think it’s time to panic just yet. The last few games in the regular season, and the first couple playoff games should give us a good idea where we’re truly at. Contrary to popular belief, the Sixers could very well make it out of the 2nd round this season. If they can, this season should be considered a success to all Sixers fans.

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