September 21, 2023

Recapping the last trades for the Flyers 2021-2022 season


Photo by Philly Sports Reports

Today was a big day in the NHL like in every season and could be an exciting day but as expected, nothing surprising for the Flyers. As a fan, we probably expected some other trades to happen like Martin Jones, but it wasn’t the case because the return was too low. This means that Chuck Fletcher would have to wait to trade him during the off-season.  

 Giroux going for a playoff run

But a big day came Saturday, March 19, 2022, Claude Giroux got traded. It’s probably something we expected since few weeks specially since the Flyers were further and further from a playoff spot but it’s weird to see Giroux go. He got traded to the Florida Panther for the forward Owen Tippet, a first-round pick in 2024 and a third-round pick in 2023. An important notice is that the first-round pick in 2024 could be a pick in 2025 if the player is in the top 10 of the draft.

Surprisingly, the flyers gave Connor Bunnaman, German Rubstov and a fifth-round pick in 2024. Personally, I think that giving away those players could be something for the future. Heard that signing players from American College could be the goal for Chuck Fletcher. That’s a reason why he could have given 2 other pieces even if they weren’t that important to the organization.

I can see the fans being disappointed about the return we got from Claude Giroux, the heart of this franchise but Chuck Fletcher didn’t have much choice since Giroux only wanted to go to the Florida Panthers. This trade is interesting because I think that if Tippet could be a potential top 6 and produce it could be a plus for the Flyers. Also, I truly believe that Giroux will comeback next season. If that’s the case, it would have been a better trade than it looks at the start. That’s something that we will have to wait and find out during the off season.

Brassard and Braun trades

Two other trades happened today, Justin Braun a key defenseman for the Flyers that played a good season is going to take a shot at the Stanley Cup with Gerard Gallant and the New York Rangers in exchange for a third-round pick in 2023. I think it could have been better to get a second-round pick but with the quality of the draft in 2023 we will have to see if we can get a surprise and maybe draft a potential good NHL player that could be ready in few years.

Derick Brassard got also traded to the Edmonton Oilers for a fourth rounder in 2023. I think it’s a fair trade to made. I don’t see any reasons keeping Derick Brassard specially since he can get a draft pick in a solid draft year (2023). Brassard only signs in Philly for one season so getting something out of that is interesting.

Mayhew to the Anaheim Ducks

Pretty disappointed to see Mayhew got picked by the Ducks because he is a great player with a great energy that brings some offense to the Flyers during the games he played. He could have been an interesting player for the future playing in a third or a fourth line. In the meantime, we will have to see what the goal of Fletcher is soon. Hopefully we can see something good during the off-season and get back on track for next season because that’s what the flyers want: some playoff hockey!

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