June 5, 2023

Who will win the 2021 Home Run Derby?


Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

It’s every baseball fans favorite event of the year! The Home Run Derby!

We haven’t had the Derby since 2019 when Pete Alonso won in Cleveland (we all know the true champ was Vladimir Guerrero Jr.). But tonight’s derby takes us to where baseballs fly farther than anywhere else, Coors Field! According to Alonso, baseball’s will not be put in the humidor for the derby… so expect some 500 foot bombs!

So who will be crowded champion?

Round 1: Shohei Ohtani vs Juan Soto

Shohei will win this round in my opinion. If he doesn’t it’ll be a big dissapointment. Plus Soto only has 11 homers this year. Why is he here?

Round 1: Salvador Perez vs Pete Alonso

I’ll take Alonso here. He won it last year and knows how much energy he needs to use. A lot of players struggle with that balance, Alonso won’t be one of them.

Round 1: Joey Gallo vs Trevor Story

This one could go either way, but I think it’ll be Gallo by a short margin. I’ve seen Gallo’s incredible power in person, he hits the ball harder than anyone in the MLB. But the hometown Story will have the crowd behind him! He knows the stadium too and that could boost his total.

Round 1: Matt Olson vs Trey Mancini

I’m rooting for Mancini tonight. It would make one heck of a story for him to go on and win the whole thing after he beat cancer. The fans should be with him tonight as well!

That being said, Olson has incredible power from the left handed batters box. He’ll send some up to the third deck for sure.

I’ll take Olson, but I want Mancini to win!

Round 2: Shohei Ohtani vs Pete Alonso

This will be the most electric round of the night.

However, Ohtani’s swing is long, and I think it’ll take him a little more time to set up in between pitches. Alonso has his pacing down from 2019, I’ll take Alonso.

Round 2: Gallo vs Olson

This should be fun for any fan in right field tonight. Hopefully they don’t put those kids who get to snag fly balls in the field into the bullpen because some missiles are going to be launched there. Gallo will run out of energy, but I’m still taking him over Olson. I don’t know why, it’s just going to happen!

Championship: Pete Alonso vs Joey Gallo

Just because I don’t like the Mets… Gallo. Plus Gallo has more power and Alonso’s custom bat will break. Yep that’s my prediction.


So there you have it! Joey Gallo will be the 2021 Home Run Derby champion!

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