December 3, 2023

Is this the worst Phillies hat of all-time?


New Era has once again released one of the worst hat series the baseball world has ever seen.

After their last debacle of the “local market” hats, which featured clipart cheesesteaks and wrong area codes.

RIP to the New Era “Local Market” Hats, Which Have Been Pulled - News Break
These are the infamous “Local Market” hats.

This time they’ve put a graffiti font over the Phillies iconic P. Plus the font changes a few times as it spells out Phillies.

Who’s going to buy this?

The answer is nobody!

As a serious hat collector, New Era has really dropped the ball lately. I’m into retro style hats like a fitted 1915 or 1937 logo hat. That’s what I think a lot of people want! I don’t mind their side patch collections (most of them are actually really cool!), but these genuine merchandise hats have almost always sucked. Their recent “art” pieces have been confusing too. I don’t want some girl’s tapestry waves all over my hat. Seriously, google tapestry wave and see what pops up…

Philadelphia Phillies 100 Years Wave Red 59FIFTY Cap | New Era Cap
The some girl’s tapestry hat… just why???

To me, hats should be able to represent the team in some way, that’s what they were going for with the local market hats, but they just dropped the ball. What if new era did a mascot collection with all the mascots on the front? Would that not be the best selling hats at each stadium?

It’s time for new era to hire me to design hats… I can surely do better than whatever they just released.

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