December 3, 2023
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We’re moving on to week 15 in the 2020 NFL season as the Philadelphia Eagles had a major momentum switcher in week 14 as they beat the number one seeded New Orleans Saints 24-21 with new starting rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts. Hurts had a great game last week. Overall the Eagles looked like a different team as the offense beat arguably the best defense in the NFL, the defense beat a great offense, and the Eagles played great. 

Now, the Eagles are taking a trip down to Arizona as they will be taking on the 7-6 Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals had a huge offseason as they picked up pro bowl wide receiver Deandre Hopkins. Hopkins has been one of the greatest wide receivers we’ve seen since his rookie season in 2013. He are some of his stats from this 2020 season:

94 receptions

1155 receiving yards

5 touchdowns

Going with young quarterback Kyler Murray, the Cardinals have a very strong offense. 

You may be wondering, how are they only 7-6 with such a good offense? The Cardinals defense is not the best. They average 27.5 points per game and average 399.8 total yards allowed per game, all per These stats are pretty awful. If the Cardinals can figure out they’re defense, they can be really good. 

If the Eagles want to win this game, this team has to cover Hopkins well. The Birds will  be without pro bowl cornerback Darius Slay as he did not travel with the team due to a head injury, the Eagles have to put a lot of pressure on Kyler Murray, they have to force turnover, and they pretty much just have to be great on defense against this big offensive team. On offense, the Eagles have to do what they did against the Saints, be good. Headcoach Doug Pederson announced earlier this week that Hurts would be the starter against the Cardinals. Obviously this is a good move because Hurts was great in week 14. 

So basically, play the best game you can. That’s always the obvious, but in this situation for the Eagles, you have to be good. The Eagles are fighting to win the awful division of the NFC East, you have to win. Here are the current standings for the NFC East:

Washington Football Team: 6-7

New York Giants: 5-8

Philadelphia Eagles: 4-8-1

Dallas Cowboys: 4-9

As you can see, this division stinks. But the Eagles have to win the rest of their games to win the division. 

Here is the Cardinals-Eagles spread: Cardinals -6.5. Cardinals-Eagles over-under: 49.5 points. Cardinals-Eagles money line: Philadelphia +235, Arizona -275.

Okay, now it’s time for my very unbiased opinion. I haven’t said that the Eagles will win a game since I started writing on here three weeks ago. But I’m going to change that today. The Eagles are a different team with Hurts as the starting QB. I think the Eagles are going to win by a score of 27-21. It’s going to be a very good game but the Eagles are going to win. 

For the first time in a while, I sort of feel positive about this Philadelphia football team. Now, let’s see what this team’s got Sunday afternoon!

I will be covering the Eagles-Cardinals game on my Twitter feed (@PhlySprtsReprts) and on my Instagram story (@phillysportsreports_) through the entirety of Sunday’s game. It will come from an Eagles fan perspective. Go Birds!

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