December 9, 2023

Join Philly Sports Reports and the Phandemic Krew for a Night at Citizens Bank Park


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Join Philly Sports Reports and the Phandemic Krew on May 20 at 4:05 pm for a fun night with special guests and surprises at Citizens Bank Park!

Tickets cost $23 per person, please DM either Philly Sports Reports or the Phandemic Krew on the following social media to purchase:
PSR Twitter
PSR Instagram
PSR TikTok
Phandemic Krew Twitter
Phandemic Krew Instagram

Philly Sports Reports and the Phandemic Krew began their friendship outside of Citizens Bank Park back in 2020 when no fans were allowed in the stadium due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I believe Brett [MacMinn] was the one that let [Benjamin Goldstein (founder of Philly Sports Reports)] go up on the ladder to watch some games,” Phandemic Krew co-founder Oscar Alvarado said when interviewed for a KYW News Radio article on Ben. “We actually had someone that had a PA system out there. … We allowed him to do the starting lineup. … He was just so on board.”

After the last few years of working on content, interviews, and sitting together in section 301, Brett, Oscar, and Ben finally put together an event at Citizens Bank Park.

Join the three and more special guests on May 20th for a very special and fun night. More information at the top of the article.

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