June 5, 2023

Flyers earn 4 points out of 10 in past week


Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The Flyers ended the week with 2 wins and 3 losses. They couldn’t finish the week with .500.

Let’s recap the multiple games they played.

Boston Bruins

The Flyers got destroyed against the Bruins with a 6-0 loss. No matter how hard the Flyers played, it is difficult to keep it competitive when you face the best team in the NHL. The talent gap is huge between those teams. On another note, Carter Hart was pulled during that game. But Torts was clear, it wasn’t because of him.

Anaheim Ducks

The Flyers had a chance to get back at .500 in the standings against the Ducks and they find a way to win this game. No matter how the Ducks are playing this season, the Flyers played a great game and we saw some creative moves during this game. Morgan Frost scored a beautiful goal at the end of the second period to give a 2 goal lead before heading to the locker room. The Flyers won against the Ducks 5-2.

Chicago Blackhawks

Torts and his squad lost 4-1 against one of the worst teams in the NHL. Although the standings, the Hawks are playing well lately, and, unfortunately, their recent success was during the time they face the Flyers. Per Torts, the Flyers were flat. They looked tired on the ice and despite the number of shots on goal, Mrazek was on point during that game.

Detroit Red Wings

Saturday night, the Flyers won a huge game against the Wings in a low scoring game. The Flyers won 2-1 and despite the low score, it wasn’t a game where both goaltenders were the difference. It was a game were there wasn’t much room on both sides. Although, its true to say that Carter Hart played a good game, and he made some key saves at key times. It could have been a nightmare at the end since the Flyers almost allowed the tying goal with few seconds left. Carter Hart made a huge save at the end and the Flyers survive.

The end of this game can be a good example of what Torts said during the early part of the season. The Flyers need to work on how to close out games. When you have the lead and when you control the game it is important to know how to keep the game simple to keep the same energy. Against the Wings, the Flyers had multiple opportunities to close out the game by scoring an empty net goal, but they couldn’t do it. It could have been a big loss for the Flyers.

Winnipeg Jets

The Flyers ended the week facing a good team since the start of the season. The Jets having a 31-16-1 find themselves in trouble since the Flyers came back from a 3-0 deficit to tie the game. Although, as the good teams do, they find a way to win games even when things start to go to the opponent’s way. It’s a big win for the Jets but a big loss for the Philadelphia Flyers.

With the 5-3 loss, the Flyers find a way, for another time, to move under .500. But this loss feels different, the Flyers played well, after allowing 3 goals in 8 minutes, they stayed in it and battled hard. It is true to say that Felix Sandstrom, after playing one NHL game in the past month, was part of the loss. Despite the first 3 goals that weren’t his fault, he allowed a big soft goal, in the second part of the third period. The Flyers killed a 5 on 3 and a 5 on 4 to allow a goal less than a minute later. Its surely a goal that Sandstrom would like to have back. Unfortunately for him, he isn’t proving that he can have the backup job in Philly specially when Ersson is playing really well.

Upcoming week

The Flyers have a big week coming up starting up against the Kings on Tuesday, the Wild on Thursday, and the Jets on Saturday. It’s an important week for the Flyers since it’s the last week before the break and the Flyers desperately need points. Despite the “tank” fans for the Flyers, Torts isn’t playing to tank, and he knows how much this week means before the All-Star break.

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