October 2, 2023

Which Philadelphia sports moments deserve to be art in the Schuylkill River?


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A tweet from Conrad Benner came up on my feed today recommending art should be placed in the middle of the Schuylkill River.

I am very opposed to this idea.

Having a nice spot just for birds to relax and the other little animals that live in the river is nice and the river has a natural beauty of rich, blue water. It’s a beautiful spot, especially at Boathouse row. Putting up art in the water would take away from this and focus on the art, not the natural beauty.

However, what if this really did happen? There would have to be some sports statues in the water.

So I decided to pick six of the most legendary Philadelphia sports moments to put in the Schuylkill.

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Nick Foles Super Bowl

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

This was, to me, the most obvious selection. Nick Foles in 2017 sort of summarizes the City of Brotherly Love. Foles came in for Carson Wentz at the end of the Eagles’ 13-3 2017 season and was doubted by everyone and their mothers, just to end up on top winning Super Bowl 52 and earning Super Bowl MVP. The true underdog. Philadelphia. Come on. It is perfect.


Photo by J. Fusco for Visit Philadelphia

Ok, Rocky is not exactly “Philadelphia sports”. But, it is a sports movie filmed and based around Philadelphia. It works. Rocky, of course, is Philadelphia. So basically, here is my idea. We take the Rocky statue from the art museum and toss it into the Schuylkill. Who says no? I do!


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Tugger. Come on. This in the Schuylkill? Perfect. There is nothing else I have to say.


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This is the most perfect photo I think ever. Just the way Allen Iverson is staring down on Tyronn Lue after absolutely destroying both of his ankles like it was absolutely nothing. And then he stepped over him, come on. And AI still loves the city of Philadelphia. He’s always at the Wells Fargo Center watching the 76ers. Why not put his most iconic moment in the Schuylkill? Maybe you will see it on the way to the Center. Or, even better, when the Sixers inevitably move to Camden, NJ after their arena in center city does not work, you may even be able to see it. Truly exciting stuff, am I right?

Clarkey and Bernie

Richard Titley/Philadelphia Inquirer

Even though it seems like not a single person in the city cares about the Flyers anymore other than season ticket holders that suck it up and still go to the games, this has to be put in the Schuylkill. Bobby Clarke and Bernie Parant are two of the greatest Philadelphia athletes of all time. While at it, two of the most unappreciated athletes in the city’s history. When I think of the city’s greatest athletes, I think of Mike Schmidt, Julius Erving, Brian Dawkins, and Bobby Clarke. Clarke was the captain of those beautiful days in the 70s. Man was he a leader. When you needed someone to step up, Clarke always did. And then you had Parant standing on his head every game. No wonder the Flyers never got any better.

Weapon X

Photo via NFL

Brian Dawkins is an absolute legend, and his introduction was even better. He went from a bear crawl, into this, then finished it with a full sprint. I mean come on. And this picture? Put it right in the Schuylkill. You know what Conrad was right, we should have art in the Schuylkill. But just Dawkins doing his intro, nothing else.

What Philadelphia sports moments do you think should go in the Schuylkill? Leave a comment on the article with your suggestion.

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  1. Your picks are your picks, so no comment there. But your writing style is classic sport’s journalism.

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