October 4, 2023

Are the Eagles stacking up for another Super Bowl run?


Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire

The start of the 2022 NFL season will mark the 5th season since the Philadelphia Eagles went 13-3 in the regular season behind MVP-caliber play from Carson Wentz. Then Wentz tore his ACL, one of the worst injuries possible for a young quarterback. Although they were the 1st seed, the birds brought back old QB Nick Foles. The rest was history. After that, the Eagles weren’t the same. Wentz wasn’t the same.

The future looked dark for the Eagles. That is not the case anymore. Jalen Hurts led the Eagles to the playoffs in his first starting season. The division-winning Cowboys have gotten worse and the Eagles have gotten so much better. They traded for A.J. Brown, drafted Jordan Davis, and now have picked up ex-Giants CB James Bradbury. 

In my opinion, Bradbury was one of their best pickups all off-season. In my opinion, he will make a huge impact, for he will lock down any WR2 in the league. He will definitely sign back after his one-year contract is up. 

Another one of the smartest offseason moves by the birds was not trading for Deshaun Watson. Many Eagles fans liked the idea of obtaining the young superstar a couple of months ago after Watson was dropped off criminal charges. This is now a great move to stay away from Watson, for Watson has had his 24th civil lawsuit filed against him. Sticking with Hurts was the way to go. 

One of the reasons that I personally believe that the Eagles could make it back to the big game this offseason is the fact that most NFC teams keep getting worse. If someone were to say “The powerhouses of the NFC” most people would think of the Rams or the Packers. The Rams have lost Andrew Whitworth on not only their line but also their locker room. Whitworth has some of the best play and would have been unbelievably valuable for the Rams if he was able to train and coach their replacement. Not to mention the fact that Aaron Donald is now the highest paid non-quarterback in the NFL and before the huge payday, he was 100%  ok with walking away from the NFL today. 

Then there’s the Packers. I personally don’t believe that Aaron Rodgers’ ego can handle the fact he will most likely not be a league leader in QB stats. They should’ve tried to do more to keep Davante Adams. The Packers were completely ignorant of their future when they got rid of Adams and then paid an aging quarterback 200 million dollars.

The future is very bright in the city of brotherly love and the Philadelphia Eagles have a very good chance to be world champions once again.

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