February 5, 2023

The lockout is over, baseball is back

Photo by Rob Tringali /Getty Images

99 days ago we entered the Major League Baseball lockout.

Finally, we’re back.

MLB and the Players Association have reached a tentative agreement on a new labor deal. While it still needs to be ratified by both parties, that is expected to be a formality, and when it is, baseball will back.

There will be a full season with full pay. The season will be extended three days with doubleheaders to make up for April 7 Opening Day. Opening Day will be home against the Oakland Athletics.

With the end of the second-longest stoppage in baseball history, spring training camps will open on Sunday, free-agent signings and trades will start at 6:00pm ET, and baseball will attempt to return to some normalcy after months of fraught negotiations.

Baseball will really be back, Nine inning doubleheaders and regular extra inning rules return. Man on second is officially a thing of the past (thank God).

Here’s some final details in new CBA, per source:

  • $50M pre-arbitration bonus pool
  • Minimum salary of $700,000 in 2022, increasing by $20K per year
  • CBT $230M in 2022, rising annually to $233M, $237M, $241M, $244M
  • 6-pick draft lottery
  • Universal DH
  • 12-team expanded postseason

Now, for the Phillies. Opening Day is less than a month away, and the Phillies still need a starting left fielder, starting center fielder, and bullpen and rotation depth.

I see the Phillies going out and getting Kyle Schwarber right off the bat. It was reported before the lockout, and I think they’ll follow up with it and get the deal done.

Schwarber is a big lefty-bat that is a sub-par defender out in left. And now with the DH, he would be more than a perfect guy on that team.

The Phils should be very active in free-agency, and it should be very fun.

Oh by the way Opening Day coming on April 7 is great news for the Phillies. Perhaps the A’s series will be saved, but more notably, they won’t open the season with back-to-back series in Miami and Colorado, two places that have been agony for them in the last five years.

To end it, thank God baseball is back. We should all be very thankful they got this done. And may we all say, amen.

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