December 2, 2023

Bryce Harper receives huge honor in Hank Aaron Award win


Photo by Rob Tringali /Getty Images

The Hank Aaron Award has been given to the player who performs the best offensively in each league since 1999.

After an incredible offensive season, Bryce Harper brought the trophy home in 2021.

Harper, winning the award for the second time — 2015, becomes the second Phillie to win the award (Ryan Howard in 2006) and the first player to win since Aaron’s passing earlier this year.

To say that the Phils relied on Harper’s bat this season is an incredible understatement.

As a matter of fact, the 2021 Phillies’ entire offense was basically Bryce Harper. It started and ended with his effort, energy, and ability. And while the season ended without a playoff trip, it would have absolutely been unwatchable without the Phillies’ star.

Harper put up such impressive numbers as 35 home runs, 84 RBIs, and 101 runs while slashing an impressive line of .309/.429/.615. His On-Base Plus Slugging of 1.044 made Harper one of only two players in baseball who posted an OPS over 1.000. The only other player who could claim that feat was Toronto Blue Jays’ slugger Vladmir Gurerro Jr. (1.002), who won the Hank Aaron award for the American League.

Oh and by the way, five out of the last six Hank Aaron Award winners also took home the NL MVP, which’ll be announced November 18.

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