May 28, 2023

Howie Roseman makes a fool of himself on live-TV after Milton Williams pick


Photo via ESPN broadcast

Well, that was awkward!

NFL Draft weekend is obviously filled with many different emotions, teams are often excided to get their guys, while the players are surrounded by their families to celebrate the biggest moment of their lives. Then, there are the other emotion, as Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman showed Friday night.

It seemed as though the Eagles were having a great Draft. Trading back three spots with the Carolina Panthers, the team picked up a DT Milton Williams. On the ESPN broadcast, the cameras cut to the Eagles “War Room” and what followed was hilariously embarrassing.

Roseman, knowing the cameras would be on him, walked around the room bumping fists with his colleagues. He took a long walk over to Tom Donahoe, the senior director of player personnel and tried to do the same. The problem was that Tom didn’t appear too excided.

Per, Donahoe said like ‘stick to the board’. This left Roseman in shock.

Being seriousness, this is pretty concerning. 

Just a week or so after Roseman was preaching being on the same page as his scouting staff, seeing someone that was in very disagreement to the selection of Williams should raise some alarms.

We’ve seen plenty of reports over the offseason concerning Roseman and the disconnect between himself and the scouting team. Here’s to hoping that this was an overreaction or a mild disagreement as opposed to something that has been brewing over the course of the week.

Roseman responded to the video later on:

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