October 2, 2023

Flyers lose to Bruins in pathetic fashion


Photo by Flyers Twitter

That was absolutely pathetic! The Philadelphia Flyers lose to the Boston Bruins in overtime 4-3.


Period 1

Lauren Hart would start off the game signing the National Anthem in her very own reverse retro jersey, so there was no doubt the Flyers were winning this game.

Bruins won the faceoff, and we’re underway.

In not even a blink of the eye, Pastrnak went right past Gostosbhere like he wasn’t even there and got the puck in the net. It only took 12 seconds. 1-0 Boston.

Flyers have no shots on goal in first 6:20, so it was a bad start for the Flyers.

We’re only a little over four minutes in and Gritty already got naked. It was just that kind of start.

Then 10 minutes in, halfway through the first period, and the Flyers, still, do not have a shot on goal.

Flyers were a turnover machine as it started to look like they were playing hot potato. Thankfully Carter Hart is the goalie for the Flyers and he made a big glove save to make up for the Flyers’ defensive mistakes. He made the save as the shot was going right threw traffic. It’s surprising he even knew where the puck was.

Flyers had eight turnovers in 11:20. You read that correctly, eight! That’s insane.

Lindblom had a huge opportunity at the tale end of the period, but Rask made the save.

Period stats:

Flyers: 8 shots on goal, 10 hits, 7 faceoffs won, 0 penalty minutes.

Bruins: 8 shots on goal, 14 hits, 8 faceoffs won, 0 penalty minutes.

The first period is over. Bruins lead 1-0. Despite feeling like they’re being outshot 30-two, shots are tied at eight. Flyers were severely outplayed the first half of this period, but finally showed life in the last few minutes. The effort is there, no passes are connecting though.

So after one period of play, the score is 1-0 Bruins lead.

Period 2

After six minutes of fast-moving play, both teams had three shots on goal.

Half-way through the second, and still nothing notable to say. So far it’s been quite a sleeper.

Until finally, Anton Blidh got caught holding Voracek at 10:10 and the Flyers would go on the first power play of the evening. Bruins killed.

But finally, it only took more than half the game, the Flyers did something! Sanhiem gave a beautiful pass to Hayes from the left circle to right circle, and Hayes one-timed it past Rask to tie up the game.

van Riemsdyk went to the box for slashing at the end of the period. Bruins went to the power play for the remainder of the second. The Bruins will have :25 of power play time in the third period.

Period stats:

Flyers: 11 shots on goal, 12 hits, 11 faceoffs won, 2 penalty minutes.

Bruins: 13 shots on goal, 5 hits, 7 faceoffs won, 2 penalty minutes.

Flyers finally showed some life! As I mentioned, the Bruins will have :25 of power play time in the third period.

After two period, the game is knotted up at a score of 1-1.

Period 3

The Flyers would start off the period by killing the Bruins’ power play.

Not even a minute later, Sanhiem passed the puck to Voracek who tapped the puck into the net to give the Flyers a 2-1 lead.

Few moments later, Laughton and Farabee were on a two-on-one. Laughton passed the puck to Farabee who tapped into the back of the net for insurance. Flyers extended their lead to 3-1.

Aube-Kubel went to the boxbecause he closed his hand over the puck. Bruins power play.

The power play would only last for 10 seconds as he was the end of a pass-train and he tipped past Hart into the net. 3-2 Flyers still lead.

Holding on Lauzon. Flyers went to the power play, but the Bruins killed it.

Week hooking call on Hayes. Bruins had the power play timing to end at the ending of the game.

With under 15 seconds remaining, Pastrnak tapped in his third goal of the night to tie the game.

Laughton would then take an awful interference penalty with :07 left in regulation.

Regulation would end in 3-3 tie.

And for the third straight game, the Flyers would head to overtime.


The Bruins would start on the power play for 1:53.

But, overtime wouldn’t last very long as Bruins captain Bergeron would tap in the Krejci shot off Hart’s pad. Bruins win 4-3.

Game stats:

Flyers: 25 shots on goal, 26 hits, 30 faceoffs won, 8 penalty minutes.

Bruins: 35 shots on goal, 25 hits, 24 faceoffs won, 4 penalty minutes.

3 stars:

  1. Bergeron (game winning goal, 3 a)
  2. Pastrnak (3 g, 1 a)
  3. van Riemsdyk (1 a)

The 7-2-2 Flyers will play the 7-1-2 Bruins again on Friday, Feb. 5 at 7:00 P.M. E.S.T. at the Wells Fargo Center.

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