October 2, 2023

Eagles drop 4 straight as they fall to the Packers

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The Philadelphia Eagles have lost 30-16 to the Green Bay Packers. The Eagles have dropped their fourth-straight game as they drop to 3-8-1. But, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson benched struggling quarterback Carson Wentz in the third-quarter and brought in the Eagles second-round pick Jalen Hurts, and he was pretty good. The Eagles defense was also pretty awful. An overall bad game by the Birds. And, well, my job is to write about this awful team, so let’s get right into it.

I want to start with the two quarterbacks that faced off against the Packers Sunday afternoon, Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts. Let’s start with Wentz. Wentz threw for 79 yards, he was 6 for 15, he threw 0 touchdowns and 0 interceptions, and he got sacked 3 times. Wentz was awful. It seemed like he had no life Sunday. It was painful to watch. Jalen Hurts on the other hand, threw for 109 yards, he was 5 for 12, he threw one touchdown and one interception, and he got sacked once. Hurts was pretty much the only bright spot for the Eagles. He threw two 30+ yard passes, one was his first touchdown pass in the NFL. I think we all know who should start next week. Wentz has been awful all year. It’s time for change, and change we got Sunday night. Pederson please don’t screw thi up! Doug Pederson on bringing Hurts into the game, “We needed a spark. We needed something to kind of go our way so I decided to put Jalen in the game.” Doug Pederson says he hasn’t decided on his starting QB for next week. Pederson said it’s hard for him to answer whether Wentz has been looking over his shoulder this season with Hurts as his backup. “Carson’s been obviously a professional about everything … it’s hard for me to answer that question.” Jalen Mills says the decision on QB should come down to Doug Pederson and the front office. Carson Wentz on being benched, “Obviously that’s frustrating as a competitor.” Carson Wentz, “I know what I’m capable of. I know I can play better. I’ve never lost confidence or doubted my abilities.” Carson Wentz if he thinks he should be the starter, “That’s not for me. I know what I”m capable of, I know I can play better. I’ve never doubted myself or lost my confidence in my abilities but, like I said, a lot of these things are out of my control.” Jalen Hurts when asked if he thinks he should be the starter: “I’m trying to what I can do for this team … anything that can help this team.”

Now I want to move on to the offense and the play calling as a whole. Quarterbacks aside, it wasn’t great, again. Many dropped passes, not much running, just overall bad. Doug Pederson ran the ball nine times in the FIRST HALF! The Eagles had 25 carries for 117 yards in total. Miles Sanders led the pack with 10 carries for 31 yards. The Eagles were alright running the ball, but they didn’t run at all pretty much so I don’t really know what to say. Which brings me to Doug Pederson who barely ran the ball, barely used wide receiver Travis Fulgham, ran the ball on a 3 and 19, and had another terrible game. So some bad things again.

Now the defense. The defense didn’t help out this team. They gave up 30 points and it didn’t even look like they tried. They got one sack and zero interceptions. It’s hard to guard such a star built offense led by Aaron Rodgers. Darius Slay tweeted after the game, “Haven’t been worth shit!!! These past 2 weeks 🤦🏽‍♂️🤬… this not it!!!!”

Another bad game for the Birds. Now we got the 10-2 Saints… hooray.

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