May 28, 2023

Lane Johnson Is Out For The Season With An Ankle Injury


    Lane Johnson is out for the season as he’ll be getting surgery on his ankle. 

            Lane Johnson has been a huge part of the Eagles offensive line this season and he announced today in his press conference with the media he’s out for the season with an ankle injury. 

            Today in Johnson’s press conference, the 30 year-old offensive tackle said, “It’s been difficult to play at a high level. The anxiety,” “The inside of my ankle has collapsed.” This is not what you want to hear from Johnson. 

             The Eagles offensive line has been getting banged up this season and Johnson is one of the many that has suffered major injuries this season. It’s awful to see Johnson, a three-time pro bowler get such a severe injury. 

Lane Johnson will be getting surgery on his ankle soon. Get well soon Lane.

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