After a full day of refreshing Twitter, Kyle Lowry is staying in Toronto.

All of that for nothing.

This is a net win for the Philadelphia 76ers, post-George Hill trade, who are going to avoid seeing a Miami Heat or Los Angeles Lakers team with Kyle Lowry. Without a buyout, Lowry play the rest of the season with the Raptors, and then become a free agent.

That at least keeps him away from the Nets, if that was a concern of yours.

It would seem the asking price was just too high. The Sixers didn’t feel the need to go crazy with a blockbuster deadline move, so they added George Hill as a veteran backup ball handler.

And the most interesting thing now is to see how they approach the center position in the interim. With Joel Embiid out, and Tony Bradley and Vincent Poirier gone, tonight they’ll have to rely on Dwight Howard and some small ball Ben Simmons at the five, as they take on a depleted Lakers squad.

For Lowry himself, maybe he’s disappointed not to be moved to a winner, but perhaps he can finish his career with the Raptors if he’d like to do that.

However, Miami did add a big addition:

The Heat pretty much robbed the Houston Rockets. It has to be concerns about the injuries, because Houston didn’t get very much in return. It’s great for Miami, and it’ll make you wonder if the Sixers could have gotten in on it. It’s hard to say tell much about the current status of Daryl Morey and Tilman Fertitta’s relationship.

Another notable trade was former Sixer J.J. Redick, who will not be on the buyout market, is going to Dallas:

That at least keeps him away from the Nets, because that was a concern… I guess.