October 4, 2023

76ers win a thriller over Wizards 141-136

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What an ending! What should’ve been an easy win for the Sixers, which is how it started off to be, ended up being a down-to-the-wire thriller of an ending!

The Philadelphia 76eres started this game by not missing threes, playing very well on defense, and looking like a NBA championship callerbale team, while on the other end the Washington Wizards looked like a complete mess of a team. At the end we had a different result.

The Sixers beat the Wizards by a score of 141-136. The Sixers scored 49 points in the second quarter. Some teams don’t even score that much in a single half! The team was going crazy with the threes as they only missed eleven out of the 29 shots taken in the entirety of Wednesday’s game. It was good for the Sixers. 

But the third quarter was a doozy. 

The Sixers were failing to do well on defense and failing to score points and make plays on offense. It was a mess. It was sort of like the two teams switched. The Wizards looked like a NBA championship callerbale team, while the Sixers looked like a complete mess. 

The Sixers were still up going into the fourth. That’s where things got spicy. It was a very back-and-forth quarter. But with great defense and great offense, the Sixers pulled out the victory.

Here’s highlights from the game, from the 76ers YouTube channel: 

Let’s go over the Sixers box score. We’ll start with the starting five.

Joel Embiid scored one point in the first quarter and ended up with 38 points. His line was 38, 8, and 5. Embiid had some big time blocks and defensive plays at the end to win the game. Embiid was also perfect from the free-throw line. He finished with 13 free-throws attempted, and 13 made.

Seth Curry was going off from beyond the arch! He was 6-7 from three. His line was 28, 5, and 3.

Tobias Harris finished with a line of 19, 7, and 3.

Ben Simmons finished with a final line of 17, 6, and 12. Season high assists for Simmons with 12.

Danny Green finished with a line of 15, 3, and 5. He was 5-8 from beyond the arch.

All Sixers starters ended the night in double figures for the the second game in a row. 

Onto the bench.

Shake Milton finished with a line of 19, 0, and 3.

Matisse Thybulle and Tyrese Maxey both finished with two points. And finally, Dwight Howard finished with one point.

Here are stats from the offense.

50-81 FG

61.7 FG %

18-29 3PT

62.1 3PT %

23-33 FT

69.7 FT %

35 rebounds

33 assists

18 turnovers

50 points in paint

19 fast break points

Largest lead: 21

Defense time.

The defense was, well, good in the first half. The defense held the Wizards to 67 points at halftime. But in the third and fourth quarter the defense was really slow. The Wizards only scored two more points in the second half then they did in the fourth, but it still wasn’t good. Bradley Beal of the Wizards scored a career high of 60 points! 

Here’s stats from the D.

9 steals

6 blocks

The Sixers could have/should have won this game by a lot as they’re biggest lead in this game was 21. But, a win is a win. 

The Sixers have advanced to 7-1 which is they’re best start since 2001. The Sixers lost in the finals that season. The Sixers stay in first place in the NBA.

They play the Brooklyn Nets in Brooklyn on Thursday night at 7:00 P.M. E.S.T.

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